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Made of stainless steel and glass, offered Canisters are perfect for storing cooking ingredients and ready to eat food products. Suitable both for commercial and household kitchen, this range of containers is accessible in different storage capacity, size, material choice and design based options. Dead angle free design of these containers simplifies their cleaning process. Airtight lid of these Canisters prevents entrance of dust, air and moisture to come inside so that stored products remain fresh as long as possible. Standard of these containers has been verified on the basis of their durability, selection of raw materials, deformation or breakage resistance capacity and storage ability.
Tabletop Products
This range of Marble Series tabletop products has been specially designed to reduce your cooking effort and time. Available in different color choices, these stone items are used for cutting, chopping, manual grinding and rolling of flat bread. Offered items are also suitable for storing cooking ingredients, for organizing kitchens etc. Several versions of these Marble Series tabletop products feature wooden parts that denote about their environment friendliness. Each piece of item offered under this category has been meticulously designed to achieve its flawlessness. Accurate dimension, standard weight, specific density, long lasting quality and smooth surface finish are some of the main features of these stone products.